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Last Kiss by John Lustig
Old comic art with twisted, new dialogue, this is sexy silliness at it's most absurd!
By Disney writer John Lustig.

For 02/12/2024
Last Kiss

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TODAY'S!:Turn Down for Sex
02/26/2024:Super Heroes Are Such Posers
02/23/2024:The Plane Truth
02/21/2024:Wood Be Lovers
02/19/2024:Presidents' Day 2024
02/16/2024:A Forever Romance
02/14/2024:Valentine Sex
02/13/2024:A Valentine Sampler
02/12/2024:Super Winner
02/09/2024:Dressing for Love
02/07/2024:If the Shoe Fits, Marry It!
02/05/2024:The Heartbreak of Being a Romance Comic Girl
02/02/2024:No Sex, Please! We're Comic Characters!
01/31/2024:Tarzan Gets a “New Jane!"

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