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After the Golden Age by Alvin Schwartz

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Here's the place to catch-up on missed columns or, if you've been around, reread your favorite ones.

Curent | 2001-2002 | 1999-2000

10/08/2000 #71 Alvin wonders his position and if he's in the right place.
10/01/2000 #70 On Fields...
09/25/2000 #69 Two things came to Alvin's attention this week. First, there was the article in US New & World Report predicting the doom of the comics industry...
09/18/2000 #68 Alvin asked what readers of this site are reading besides this site and comics. It was a dangerous question and the answers were dangerous.
09/11/2000 #67 There seems these days to be a great deal of questioning among both fans and professionals about the future of comics.
08/07/2000 #63 -- Alvin goes on vacation to Bathurst, New Brunswick and changes his focus, practice preceding theory in literature and Alvin's writing
07/17/2000 #62 -- Alvin's Literary Annex of the Golden Age, lowbrow and highbrow and the publishing world, the deleterious effects of modern publishers
06/26/2000 #59 -- the comics page of the newspaper, Superman read as a fan and as a writer
06/19/2000 #58 -- Alvin's experience at the All Time Classic New York Comic Book Convention, comic book publishers aiming at the wrong target, brand tampering
06/12/2000 #57 -- X and Y chromosomes in men and women, and why they have led to variegated shifts in meaning, what kinds of stories Alvin prefers to tell, why genre restrictions should be transcended
06/05/2000 #56 -- Alvin's benign paroxysmic positional vertigo, an attack Alvin once had in Florida, how this affects and has affected Alvin's flying, Alvin's experience with comic conventions
05/29/2000 #55 -- The new US missile strategy, Alvin's connection with the first nuclear attack on Japan
05/22/2000 #54 -- Alvin talks to his neighbor Rawley about how Superman flies
05/15/2000 #53 -- Enantiodromia, how it happened to communism, gun control, Clark Kent as essential to good Superman stories
05/08/2000 #52 -- the myth of the difference between the sexes, the Pentagon's new missile system, Alvin as a mystic, what kind of column we want Alvin
05/01/2000 #51 -- The nature of reality, unhappy consciousnesses
04/24/2000 #50 -- "Easter Sunday A.D. 2000"
04/10/2000 #48 -- Alvin counsels Dr. Maranto
03/27/2000 #46 -- Electronic publishing and ebooks and the future of publishing, an Hasidic story
03/20/2000 #45 -- Alvin's double life, as a comic book writer and as a speculative philosopher, Alvin's reaction to current comics and fiction
03/06/2000 #43 -- How culture works, highbrow vs middlebrow vs lowbrow, what factors led to the condemnation of comics, the alleged corruption of languages and ideas in comics of the 1940s, why comics were popular in the 1940s
02/28/2000 #42 -- Alvin visits Horatio the psychic and decoheres
02/21/2000 #41 -- Alvin visits Madame Gorelli and gets a few surprises, more about the future
02/14/2000 #40 -- Alvin visits the Allister fair and speaks with Dr. Maranto, a visionary, about why there's no future
02/07/2000 #39 -- Alvin visits, by chance, a comic book store in Allister and speaks with the owner, a fair in Allister
01/31/2000 #38 -- creating a good comic strip, innovation and originality, why art requires constraints, DC's declining sales and the need for both change and restraints
01/24/2000 #37 -- creation and ownership, royalties and the proprieties of creation versus ownership, payment for work and art
01/17/2000 #36 -- winter south of Ottawa, a strange encounter with an out of focus woman
01/10/2000 #35 -- Alvin corrects an error in last week's column, strange things that have happened to Alvin, what ghosts might be, what reality is and how it relates to experiencing strange things
01/03/2000 #34 -- finding reality, and why comic writers do the opposite, probabilities and different realities, the morphogenetic field
12/27/1999 #33 -- Alvin's meeting with Santa Claus
12/20/1999 #32 -- e-mail from Rich Morrissey pointing out Alvin's work on DC's 1940s Buzzy title, the development of Buzzy, working with Jack Schiff, Alvin's Avondale as the source for Buzzy's milieu
12/13/1999 #31 -- acquiring wisdom, villains, The Lamp, the personalities that lead cults
12/06/1999 #30 -- insults and motherhood, "saving babies", the history of abortion and when it became immoral/illegal
11/29/1999 #29 -- Alvin reads a Batman daily and sees a wrestling move that reminds him of how he saved his own life once, Marianism, jealousy, both male and female
11/22/1999 #28 -- how Alvin learned to write comics by reading the classic adventure stories
11/08/1999 #26 -- Bill Finger's unique talents as a writer, the clash of superhero and villain in Bill Finger's career and life, Bill Finger's life, and legacy
11/01/1999 #25 -- Alvin's experiences in Greenwich Village, Alvin's attacks on Freud on Dr. Wertham, Pauline Kael, Alvin's discussions with Bill Finger
10/25/1999 #24 -- Greenwich Village at the end of the 1930s and its dream logic, the musicians of the Village, Alex as the source of the Chef of Bohemia
10/18/1999 #23 -- the Superman strip goes whimsical, ogies, lurkers, and silent readers of the column
10/11/1999 #22 -- Alvin's dog Angus and his ability to fly
10/04/1999 #21 -- Finding out who you really are, examining your life choices, the placebo effect, choosing your life now
09/27/1999 #20 -- the adult world and Alvin's escape from it to the reality of childhood
09/20/1999 #19 -- credits at DC, then and now, DC hiding secrets, even from the FBI
09/13/1999 #18 -- Alvin's ownership of a most unique item of Superman memorabilia
09/06/1999 #17 -- Alvin's history with Mort Weisinger, advertising, Alvin's return to the world of comics and to Superman, effects preceding causes
08/30/1999 #16 -- rescuing comics by, among other things, not calling them "comics" any more
08/23/1999 #15 -- tulpas, making synthetic propositions a priori
08/16/1999 #14 -- what were writers during Comics' Golden Age really trying to do, why there was no money in publishing and why writers tried to leave comics
08/09/1999 #13 -- story defining experience, and why comics have declined in circulation
06/28/1999 #7 -- gun control, America's fascination with guns, and the relationship of slavery to our gun culture
06/21/1999 #6 -- comics as a serial medium, why writing is not usually available as a skill to artists
06/14/1999 #5 -- Jack Adams, the decline in circulation and story quality of comics
06/07/1999 #4 -- how Superman's costume inspired people, and how modern conceptions of heroes have changed Superman's portrayal, Superman's archetypal reality as a rescuer
05/31/1999 #3 -- the ideational basis of reality, Mr. Thongden as a tulpa, events outside our rational contexts
05/24/1999 #2 -- Superman in the background versus Superman in the foreground, Superman as archetype, Alvin's relationship to Superman, Alvin's meeting with a tulpa, matter's relationship to thought
05/17/1999 #1 -- Alvin's introductory column, Superman's role at his debut, Superman as archetype

Curent | 2001-2002 | 1999-2000

Current Installment >> Installment Archives | About Alvin | Round Table

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