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After the Golden Age by Alvin Schwartz
Giving a glimpse into the formative years of comics and beyond.

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AFTER THE GOLDEN AGE for 02/23/2004
Volume 2, #114

Isn't it strange now that we've established that Dubya the Warrior really wasn't the big warrior he was made out to be, especially in the matter of his dubious AWOL National Guard record, that we now get this wild and desperate reversal of meaning and fact from the Republicans?

In fact, what does this slippery administration do? It chooses to attack someone who really had a good military record, John Kerry, and who fought in that war well enough to have earned the right to share the common opinion that it was a bad war- -and a mistake that destroyed the Presidency of LBJ.

And this is where the Dubya gang are now pulling out all the stops to show the connection between "Hanoi-Jane" and Kerry, as if the worst thing about Viet Nam was not that it never should have happened, that we were lied into it by a very dubious "domino" theory during the Cold War. No, Kerry is the bad guy because even though he was a hero, he stood up and said the war was wrong, and joined a lot of others who said the same thing?

Are we forgetting so soon that a Viet Nam hero who is willing to call that war the lie and mistake that it was, has earned the right more than the rest of us millions of Viet Nam critics, to join Hanoi Jane (if he ever actually did) in acknowledging that we should never have been in that war.

What a twisting of facts! The villains making out the bad guys to be the good guys, and vice versa. The purpose? So we should overlook the fact that that great warrior, the man who stole the presidency with the help of a faction of the Supreme court, should now once more try to divert attention from himself and hus DUBYous war record by pointing the finger at someone else.

Remember, this is the administration that's leading the Third American Revolution!

Ever think of that? Well--start now. Take a good look at what's happening.

That's right. Third American Revolution! The first was a good one, the War of Independence. The second was a War to Save the Union. But this third war, has been going on since well before the Supreme Court narrowly and unconstitutionally gave Florida to Bush. And for some time since, this unelected gang has been involved in a carefully worked out scheme to say anything, do anything, claim anything in order to destroy the Constitution with its unique Separation of Powers, by subverting all our laws that protect citizens' rights, first by destroying the right of habeas corpus, and ultimately, the right of each and every citizen to life, liberty and the pursuit happiness.

I won't take up the space here to show how they subverted effective anti-missile treaties and made the world a more dangerous place, or played footsie for years with the same people they now claim are out to destroy us, in the meantime, distracting us in our struggle against Al Queda. And supporting the Saudis that nurtured Al Queda! Where are the real villains then? Right here at home, under our noses, folks, busily turning an admittedly sick and dictatorial Iraq into a new haven for Al Queda, now that the secular villains have been chased out. Did we really get rid of a dangerous tyrant without simultaneously bringing in another and worse one? And a quagmire besides? Understand then, THERE IS NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT CAN JUSTIFY THIS WAR WHICH HAS, IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS, HELPED ALQUEDA MORE THAN IT HAS HURT THE BAATHISTS!

The important thing to remember is that this third revolution is happening right under our noses via such sundry means as tax distortion, education distortion, ideas distortion, the denial of consitutional rights, women's rights, minority rights, , and be ever so wary, the dubious rules and interpretations of persons who proclaim behind the mantle of religion and in the Name of God, what His will is on matters of their own personal and highly questionable sectarian choice. The religious right!

Remember, there is also a religious left, a large one that does NOT make these claims. Nevertheless, the counter-revolution and certain corrupted GHWBush Supreme court appointees are advancing on our rights and liberties on a scale never before seen. We are already an oligarchy and it will take some hard fighting back through watchfulness and a readiness to counteract further inroads on the constitution.

Never before have so many been required to become so alert to every move being made by the current administration and its brainwashed supporters, to prevent our full and final slippage into an oligarchy, with its people muzzled and the rest of the world under a kind of permanent implied threat, "Do as we say, or we'll get you too."

It's reached the point where we must all now be aware that we must resist with all our means the dreaded victory of the The Third American Revolution! The Revolution against the Constitution!


Next week I'll have some new things to say about Superheroes, and maybe more details on my so-called recent "secret" mission.

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