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After the Golden Age by Alvin Schwartz
Giving a glimpse into the formative years of comics and beyond.

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AFTER THE GOLDEN AGE for 03/01/2004
Volume 2, #115

The Bush administration has long ago revealed what its essential pattern of behavior is. It differs in a dedicated and outstanding way from all administrations in recent memory. It is not corrupt, or evil, nor benign or truly religious. It is something new on the American horizon. It is, in fact, a political mutation!

In the past, the notion of government in America consisted of a CEO known as the President whose powers were balanced by a Congress and a Judiciary. All three, limiting the absolute powers of one another, worked for the benefit, improvement and in response to the wishes of the citizenry whom they represented, each branch in its own special manner.

It was, indeed, government "of the people, by the people and for the people." That is now no longer the case. This government has consistently demonstrated that all the arms of government, its skills, its structures, its organization have been cut loose from its base in the citizenry and grown to represent only itself, its own interests and its own survival.

Month after month, we have followed stories that revealed how this new mutated style of government exercises its authority. First, it does so by making sure that all actions taken are such that they favor, support and look after the well-being and continuation of the government itself. Ancillary factors such as the environment, citizens rights, the needs of the land itself have to be subservient to the enriching and further empowering of the governmental machinery itself. No, this is not a dictatorship as we know it. It is a corporatized body that has fastened on the body politic, controlling it only for the sake of empowering and enriching itself and its friends at the expense of the country it's supposed to be governing. In short, this is a government that has mutated into a self-sustaining, self-enriching, self-directed entity. Every political news story of the last few years has pointed inexorably and firmly toward that fact. Yet no one has yet dared to draw the conclusion that this is indeed a government broken loose and running wild, daring anyone to stop it and get in its way. It has moved to stifle dissent in the way it has shaped media conglomeration, seized control of major outlets of expression and employed all the "big brother" techniques described by Orwell and developed by years of Americasn advertising art and motivational science.

But if anything were needed to clinch these claims and establish precisely how detached from the governing function this new oligarchy has become, one need only to look to yesterday's news to see it plain as day! I first encountered the story yesterday in the NY Times. It was the lead story and it described how the perpetrators of 911 were known to the government TWO YEARS BEFORE THE FATEFUL EVENT! We were clearly tipped off by Germany and even had the telephone number of one of the hi-jackers. The one with ties closest to Mohammed Atta. AND NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS DONE WITH THE INFORMATION EVEN THOUGH THERE HAD ALREADY BEEN ATTACKS ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS BEFORE!! TWO YEARS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! WE HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO STOP IT.

Now just consider that we had a functioning CIA and various other well briefed and kniowledgable intelligence services that for many years had served us well during the Cold War. While mistakes were made, it would have been almost impossible to pass over and not examine the very important information about the impending attack on the WTC unless there had been a deliberate intention not to do so.

As I look at it now, it would seem absolutely impossible, unless it had been deliberate policy. The Oligarchy, weighing the power possibilities either way, could easily see that if we were attacked as we were on 9-11, then suddenly the power of this oligarchy to declare a state of emergency, to muzzle civil rights, to take on a heavily supported military stance that could stiff the UN and would sweep the people along with it, hell, even the best democrats voted for the war in Iraq because of it!, then by allowing 9-11 to happen, by ignoring it completely in the face of evidence far greater than anything we had on WMDs, would make this wild, mutated government the absolute arbiter of all acts designed to benefit its members, the well heeled cartels like the Carlisle Company with its grip on the Supreme Court, the Enrons, the Halliburtons (and the master rider, Cheney), an opportunity to seize the middle east and become the oil cartel of the world. A stroke of power even Napoleon at his best, could never have dreamed possible. And it wouldn't have been possible without todays modern means, instantaneous communication, world-binding industrial ties, proliferating oil dependency, programed power failures and a voting process completed tied to the huge sums of private money invested in it. The Bush takeover was one of the heaviest political and financial investments of all time. It brought about a social revolution. It killed the state treasuries, violated the quality of the land and air and still goes charging on. And it is this, probably the most traitorous act in history, of a republic refusing to shield itself from attackers, that made 9-11 historic not for the people and the victims, but for the administration that callously and grimly allowed it to happen.

You think I exaggerate, that I'm carried away by my thoughts and notions of conspiracy, that, sitting here, on this obscure comics site, anyone will take any of this seriously? But I urge all of you reading this today, look closely at it. Examine the facts as provided by the NY Times of Tues, February 24, and decide for yourself in the light of all the other events, the lies to the UN, the decision to act alone, the invention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, the backtracking, the ignoring, the twisting of stories, consider all this and then ask yourselves -- was there ever any other clearer explanation of the entire history of the Bush presidency?

- Alvin Schwartz

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